Contemporary jewellery created with gemstones, vintage beads and silver

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I was born in Austria and studied Textile Art and Art Education (emphasis Painting) at the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst  “Mozarteum” Salzburg, (university for music and dramatic arts), gaining the degree “Mag. Art.” with honours.


After years in Hong Kong I moved to England in 1998 and I now design and work from my studio near Guildford, Surrey.


Major exhibitions where I showed my work are LOOT (Museum for Art and Design), New York; Goldsmith Fair, London; Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK;  Art in Action, Oxford;  in various galleries, Harley Gallery, Bircham Gallery, South Hill Park, and in Art and Craft Shows (Bovey Tracey, Manchester).


I am a member of Designers Jewellers Group DJG (, London), Sussex Guild and Association of Contemporary Jewellery ACJ

My love for different creative techniques, colour and material diversity is linking all my work, may it be bookbinding, mosaic, beadwork or silversmithing.


 During my studies I was already fascinated by the tension that can exist between an artist’s choice of materials and colour combinations. This inspired me to create high-quality jewellery that is at once bold in colour and yet delicate in appearance.


 To do this, I used my knowledge of textile techniques and started with combining traditional craft practices, like bead crochet, with unusual materials. Shells, coloured wood, 1920s facetted cut glass beads, antique metal beads but also tiny pearls and gemstones found their way into the crocheted work, enhancing its textures.


Soon, I added complementary silversmithing techniques to incorporate shape into this play in contrasts. Handmade silver vessels and found objects add a narrative dimension.


I find inspiration in the materials themselves, in old photographs and studies of underwater creatures; nevertheless, most work evolves while making.

All my necklaces, bracelets and earrings are unique, one-off pieces. Especially vintage beads are limited and the jewellery pieces made with them cannot be reproduced.


I particularly enjoy commissions and adapting my work to the ideas and wishes of its future wearer. If the right size of beads and colours are chosen it can look stunning and accentuate and highlight someone’s features, be it a bold large beaded choker or an elegantly understated crocheted lariat.


The photographs on this site are meant to offer an incentive for more.

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